Republican National Convention

Playing with DOM1

projects for mozilla 1.6

leaflets for A7 (large PDF file: ~2.5MB)
(based on docs found at this site)

other leaflets for A7 (PDF file: ~0.7MB)
(based on this site)

Open Letter to political representatives about Bush's disastrous plans for war on Iraq

Open Letter to All Americans about 11 Sept, 2001



Coffee Table

Halloween 2001


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i'm also working with OpenFlows.

my gpg key
(fingerprint: 0EE5 BE97 9282 D80B 9F75 40F1 CCD2 ED94 D217 39E9)
Note: i switched keys in June 2007.

the SSL certificate authority cert
(SHA1 fingerprint: 7D:AC:BB:D7:FA:17:A6:17:86:B6:B2:AE:09:01:8F:41:7A:E3:10:EB)